Here is a brief list of our most commonly asked questions about the Arctic Blaster. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Can the Arctic Blaster be used on plastic pipes??

Yes! The Arctic Blaster won't melt plastic pipes, as long as there is water in the pipes. You should take particular care when using the Arctic Blaster on plastic pipes at connections.

Is the Arctic Blaster friendly to the environment?

We're proud to say that the Arctic Blaster is more environmentally friendly than other thawing methods. It's fuelled by propane, a clean burning gas. Because it doesn't require a source of running water, it uses less water than other means, and the steam produced from only five liters (two gallons) of water can last for twenty minutes, long enough to solve most of your freeze up problems.

What kind of warranty comes with the product?

We back up our products with a complete 12 month warranty period. You will undoubtedly find, however, that the Arctic Blaster is one tough product.

How many models are available?Are there any other attachments that I will need to buy to use the Arctic Blaster?

The Basic Arctic Blaster comes complete with the hot water/steam unit, 50 feet of braided 3/8" line, 50 feet of braided 1/4" line (for thawing smaller pipes), and quick connector couplings.

The tiger torches are available from us at an additional charge. Shipping is paid by the customer.

How much do these units weigh?

The basic Arctic Blaster weighs in at 58 pounds.

How much do these units cost?

Please call or email for pricing.

How can I get an Arctic Blaster in my shop?

Call me at (403) 636-1488 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for ordering information.

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