Watch those freeze up problems disappear!

You've never seen anything work like the Arctic Blaster.

This amazing product produces super hot, dry steam in only 8-10 minutes. It can thaw out any of your winter freeze up challenges...pipes, sewers, engines, culverts, mobile homes....whatever the need, call on the Arctic Blaster!

Compact, Portable, Versatile, and so easy to use. It truly is a remarkable tool.

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Don't let winter send chills down your spine.

Take advantage of this opportunity to troubleshoot winters worst freeze up problems.

A propane tank, tiger torch, two gallons of water and the Amazing Arctic Blaster...these are all the tools you need to see fast, safe and efficient thawing results.

No electricity needed. No running water. It pays for itself quickly.

Cost efficient....and convenient

Take a look at the bottom line. Steam trucks can cost $600 or more every time you call. During a severe cold snap, who knows when they can get to you. They're booked up....and you wait...and waiting can cost you even more money.

For the price of renting a steam truck two or three times, you can keep your own Arctic Blaster in your shop....saving you time and money.

No electricity needed. No running water. It pays for itself quickly.

So versatile.....and so fast!

The Arctic Blaster can thaw many feet of pipe, or a frozen engine, in 20 minutes or less. It can thaw water lines up to 80 feet in length or more, and it's ready to go in 8 to 10 minutes.

How many times do you think you could have used an Arctic Blaster over the past few seasons? Just have a look at this list of uses for the Arctic Blaster.

  • Thawing frozen water lines, sewer lines and valves
  • Thawing frozen load lines
  • Thawing freezer case drains
  • Thawing frozen culverts, stock drinkers
  • Thawing frozen rain gutters
  • Melting wax on oilfield controls
  • Steaming gas tanks
  • Removing decals

Think of all the headaches you've had in the past. Avoid more of those headaches this winter. Geat a jump on those dropping temparatures by getting an Arctic Blaster in your!

Probably the safest way to thaw winter freeze ups.

Don't take unnecessary chances trying to thaw those frozen pipes and engines. You are too valuable to risk injury...or worse.

The Arctic Blaster is completely safe when used as directed. Customers agree that it is easy to use, so why take chances? If you can cook steaks on your barbeque, then you can safely operate the Arctic Blaster.

Check out some of the safety features of this amazing product.

  • Pressure blow down protection
  • Non-restricted delivery hose
  • Keeps open flame from hazard areas
  • Stability during operation